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Benefits of
Real Device
Testing on Device Farm

Visium Farm is the cornerstone of our software testing solutions, tailored for on-premises and cloud-based device farms. Our comprehensive device farm platform offers a myriad of options to tackle even the most intricate test cases on physical devices.

Enhanced App Testing

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision. Visium Farm delivers real-world insights into your app's performance, leaving emulator-based testing in the dust. Ensure your app consistently meets the highest quality standards.

Resource Optimization

No more idle devices in drawers. Visium Farm centralizes device management, streamlining testing processes, and making the most out of your resources. Efficiency is the name of the game.

Amplified Automation

Testing efficiency like never before. Our platform takes test automation to new heights, turbocharging your testing processes and reducing manual effort.

Cost-Effective Testing

Smart device sharing among stakeholders slashes the need for costly device inventories, keeping your budgets in check while maintaining testing excellence.

Why you should prefer Visium Farm?

Build up your own on-prem device farm at the most affordable cost!

On-Prem installation

Transforming your device farm into a powerhouse is now effortless with Visium Farm's user-friendly on-premises installation process. Say goodbye to complex setups and hello to streamlined efficiency.

Automated testing

Experience a quantum leap in testing speed and efficiency. With Visium Farm, you can achieve blazing-fast results by running your app tests in parallel. Save precious time while ensuring uncompromised quality.


You don't have to break the bank for top-tier testing. Visium Farm offers the most competitive pricing in the industry without sacrificing a single feature. Get premium testing capabilities within your budget.



With Visium Farm on-prem solution at the most affordable cost, own your device farm!

Scaleable architecture

As your testing needs grow, so does Visium Farm's capability. Our scalable architecture allows you to effortlessly expand your testing horizons by utilizing devices connected to the server. No limits, just possibilities.

Live and automated testing

Witness the future of testing in action. Execute live manual tests or effortlessly run automated tests on multiple devices simultaneously. Versatility and efficiency combined.

BDD & Visium GO support

Experience the beauty of seamless integration. Visium Farm effortlessly aligns with various test automation products and frameworks, including Visium GO. Your testing ecosystem, your way.

Multilingual support

Use the language of your choice. Visium Farm is already available in two languages, and we offer the flexibility to cater to more, ensuring you're comfortable wherever you are.

Detailed Reporting

Don't just test; gain insights. Leverage Visium Farm's in-depth reporting to extract valuable information from your testing results. Make data-driven decisions that lead to excellence.

App library management

Organize your app versions with grace. Visium Farm helps you keep all your apk and ipa files meticulously organized, eliminating clutter and confusion.

Rest API Support

Streamline your workflow with ease. Visium Farm offers robust REST API support, allowing you to access its powerful functionality through well-designed endpoints. It's a game-changer for your team's efficiency.

LDAP integration

Take control of user management. Elevate your processes by seamlessly integrating Visium Farm with your LDAP server or Microsoft Active Directory. Efficiency meets simplicity.

Customers & Testimonials

Ak Lease
Ak Sigorta
Ak Yatirim
Is Bankasi
Kredi Kayit Burosu
Turk Telekom
Vakif Katilim
Ziraat Bankası
Ziraat Katılım

In a short amount of time we set up Visium Farm for Akbank and put it into service for our teams.

İsmail İntikam
IT Project Manager
Product Owner

During the pandemic, the need for remote testing on mobile devices has suddenly increased. In a short amount of time we set up Visium Farm for Akbank and put it into service for our teams.

The fact that it is a platform that does not require installation and enables access to all devices through the browser ensured that it got adopted by all of the teams. We also easily integrated Visium Farm into our test automation platform for mobile testing automation.

For the upcoming period, we are going to continue our work by increasing the variety of our devices and transfer all of our testing with mobile devices to Visium Farm.

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