High CapacityPerformance & Load Test

Ensure that your software scales up perfectly under heavy load.


Benefits of
Performance & Load Testing

Visium Load takes center stage as a robust tool specifically designed for high-capacity performance testing, ensuring your software scales seamlessly under heavy loads.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Elevate customer satisfaction by conducting rigorous load and performance tests. Ensure that your software consistently surpasses user expectations by delivering lightning-fast performance. Happy users mean a thriving brand.

Be Prepared for High Traffic

Anticipate and conquer unexpected traffic surges with confidence. Visium Load empowers you to identify and address performance bottlenecks proactively, preserving your brand's reputation even during the busiest times. Your software stays resilient under pressure.

Integral Part of DevOps Journey

Embrace the future of software development with Visium Load. Integrating load tests into your CI/CD DevOps pipelines allows you to catch performance regressions early in the development cycle. This ensures that your software is consistently of the highest quality, meeting the demands of today's fast-paced market.

Cost Control

Take control of your IT expenses with Visium Load's accurate capacity metrics. Optimize hardware and software resources efficiently, reducing costs without compromising on performance. It's a win-win for your business—cost-effectiveness without compromise.

Why you should prefer Visium Load?

Visium Load is specially designed for high capacity performance tests. DevOps & Agile Teams could conduct their performance and load tests during development and production

Use your own cloud accounts

Visium Load provides you with the ultimate flexibility to use your own cloud accounts. Whether it's Amazon, Azure, Google, or Digital Ocean, our platform seamlessly connects with your existing accounts, giving you the freedom to harness the power of the cloud infrastructure you know and trust.

Pay as you go!

Visium Load offers a tailored pay-as-you-go model, allowing DevOps and Agile teams to seamlessly conduct high-capacity performance tests across development and production phases.

Weighted test suit support

Group your test scenarios into test suites and assign weights based on real-life usage patterns. Visium Load allows you to mirror real-world scenarios, ensuring your software is battle-tested and ready for anything.

How It Works

Define Cloud Accounts

Use your own cloud accounts or we'll create one for you.

Add Cluster

Define your clusters based on required load.

Create Test Suite

Create test suites and assign Jmeter files.

Get Reports

Monitor load test real-time and get reports.

Adding Cloud Account


Multi-Geo Location

Expand your horizons with Visium Load's Multi-Geo Location feature. Generate traffic from diverse locations around the world simultaneously. This not only provides you with realistic testing scenarios but also valuable insights into how your software performs on a global scale.

SaaS Platform

Enjoy the convenience of a web-based platform that requires no installation, setup, or hardware. Visium Load simplifies the testing process, so you can focus on what matters most—performance.

Real-Time Monitoring & Reporting

Keep a vigilant eye on your test status and resource utilization with intuitive dashboards and real-time reporting. Visium Load ensures that you're always in the driver's seat, making informed decisions with ease.

JMeter Plugin Support

Tailor your testing environment with ease. Visium Load supports custom JMeter Plugins, allowing you to fine-tune your tests to meet your specific requirements. It's all about flexibility and control.

Use Your Own Cloud Accounts!

Seamlessly integrate Visium Load with your existing Amazon, Azure, Google, or Digital Ocean accounts. This synergy ensures a smooth integration with your cloud infrastructure, making the transition seamless and efficient.

CI/CD Integration

Easily incorporate Visium Load into your CI/CD pipeline using the provided RESTful API endpoints. This integration streamlines your development process, ensuring performance testing is a seamless part of your workflow.

Network Simulation

Gain a deeper understanding of end-user experiences by simulating various network technologies. Visium Load lets you replicate real-world conditions, including bandwidth limitations, packet drop rates, and latency, so you can ensure your software performs optimally under any circumstance.

Dedicated IP Support

Visium Load offers dedicated IP support, eliminating the need to define firewall rules before each test run. It's a hassle-free approach to ensuring the security of your testing environment.

Customers & Testimonials

Jolly Tour
Turk Telekom
Yildiz Holding

It is essential for our products to show high performance in our competition with OTT applications. In order to meet this high standard, we test the performance of our products with Visium Load.

Çağrı Genç

Quality Assurance & Governance Manager

Turkcell Teknoloji

Before we launched our family campaign 'Askıda Kardeş', we used Visium LOAD to observe how our system behaves under anticipated load conditions and we had no performance issues throughout the campaign.

Dr. Bilal Erman BİLGİN

Test and Documentation Manager

BELBİM Elektronik Para ve Ödeme Hizmetleri

For the load and performance testing of our basic insurance application's new release we used Visium LOAD, thus ensuring that the new release satisfies the expectations of our customers.

Emel Çoşkun

IT Governance/Quality & Testing/PMO Department Manager


We want to offer Aktif Bank and Passolig customers top quality and responsive applications. Visium Load and Netas provided us with a great amount of support in achieving this goal.

Burak Akusta

IT Senior Director

Aktif Bank

We performed the load tests of the mobile application of our renewed loyalty program with Visium LOAD. We were very pleased with the product and the consultation we received.

Selin Ohanoğlu

CRM Manager

Tab Gıda

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Apache Jmeter

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