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Benefits of
BDD-Based Test Automation

Visium Go, our cutting-edge test automation tool, is built on the power of Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) approach. Unleash the future of testing with Visium Go, where creating and running test scenarios is as effortless as it gets. Experience the BDD advantage of Visium Go and empower your team to effortlessly grasp test scenarios, no coding expertise required.

Enhanced Quality, Lower Cost

Elevate your software quality effortlessly. Visium Go's test automation guarantees a seamless flow of top-notch quality, all while minimizing the resources and time typically consumed by manual testing.

Accelerated Release Cycles

Turbocharge your product releases. With Visium Go, the execution of repetitive tests is lightning-fast, slashing testing times and accelerating your product's journey to market.

Cross-Platform Testing

Harness the power of simultaneous testing across diverse platforms. Visium Go empowers you to test your application's performance across different environments concurrently, ensuring a seamless user experience everywhere.

Seamless Scalability

Scale your testing capabilities effortlessly to meet the demands of your evolving projects. Visium Go offers seamless scalability, giving you the flexibility to adapt, grow, and conquer new horizons in software testing.

Why you should prefer Visium Go?

Choose Visium Go for effortless BDD-based automation, accelerating releases and ensuring quality.

BDD Support

Visium Go empowers your software teams to work in harmony through Behavior-Driven Development (BDD). It bridges the gap between developers and non-technical team members, fostering collaboration and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Predefined Behavior Steps

Say goodbye to the complexity of coding. Visium Go offers over 250 predefined behavior steps, simplifying scenario creation like never before. Effortlessly build test scenarios that align with your software requirements.

Speed and Efficiency

In today's agile world, speed is everything. Visium Go streamlines test automation scenario creation and execution, ensuring stability in agile environments. Detect bugs early and maintain product integrity with unmatched efficiency.

Multi-Platform Flexibility

Interact with various platforms within a single test scenario effortlessly. Visium Go offers the flexibility to test across different platforms, making it a versatile tool for your testing needs.

Code Repository Integration

Stay in control of your scenarios. Visium Go allows you to store BDD scenarios on popular version control systems like Git or TFS, ensuring streamlined version control and collaboration.

Editor Options

Unlock the potential of Visium Go's lightweight web editor with an array of powerful features, including Intellisense, auto-complete, and syntax checking. Say goodbye to the complexity of traditional IDEs like IntelliJ and Eclipse and embrace a more streamlined and efficient editing experience.


Multi-Platform Support

With Visium Go, you're not limited to a single platform. Automate applications across a wide range, including WEB, REST, SOAP, Mobile Native, MS Windows Native, SQL, and NoSQL. Versatility at its finest.

Unified Execution

Achieve consistent test execution and results, whether you're running tests locally or in continuous test pipelines. Maintain the highest level of reliability across all your testing efforts.

CI/CD Integration

Elevate your testing game with Visium Go's seamless integration with popular CI tools like Jenkins, Bamboo, or Concourse. Run thousands of tests in parallel with rerun options for failed tests, keeping your projects on track.

Detailed Drill Down Reports

Access comprehensive error reports in HTML, JSON, and XML formats. These reports include screen image captures or video recordings as proof of test results. Gain insights quickly and act decisively.

250+ Built in BDD Steps

Visium Go provides over 250 built-in BDD sentences, eliminating the need for extensive coding. Testing becomes more accessible, allowing your team to focus on quality and innovation.

Separated Configuration

Configure Cucumber scenarios and element settings separately, with support for locating elements without unique IDs. Plus, control multiple devices or phones within the same scenario—an invaluable feature for testing messaging apps.

Multi-Phone Support

Control multiple devices or phones within the same scenario, a valuable feature for testing messaging apps.

Language Flexibility

You don't need development skills to get started. Visium Go understands plain English and Turkish, making test automation accessible to a broader audience.

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