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Allow anyone to easily write, read and execute test scenarios.


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Benefits of

Game changer in SDLC to reduce cost, increase quality and increase delivery speed.

Better quality, lower cost

Once Test Automation is in place, quality gets guaranteed continuously with lesser effort compared to manual testing. Shift left approach would be easily implemented to figure outcritical bugs in the earlier stage of the software development process, hence considerably high savings gets achieved.

Faster release cycles

In the era of digitalization, customer facing apps gets updated more frequently than ever before. Automation is the only way to keep up with this crazy speed. It is obvious that repetitive tests would be executed much faster by automation rather than executed manually by human kind. Shorter testing times of course yields shorter release cycles.

Write once, test on multiple platforms concurrently

Whether it is a native mobile app or a web application, Have luxury to run the same test concurrently on different brand/model mobile phones or web browsers. Thinking about the diversity of today’s mobile phones and web browsers, having your app tested on most of them, used to be a dream when there was no test automation. Test automation made it possible to run same test case on multiple platforms at the same time.

Room for scalability

What to do if your day to day testing workload is getting higher and higher; It is always easier to add a new execution node or computer in to your automation environment than on boarding a new tester. Especially if you have an underlying container platform, scaling up and down the testing power is a “seconds taking task”.

Why you should prefer Visium Farm?

Build up your own on-prem device farm at the most affordable cost!

Support for BDD

Uses the power of BDD to help software teams collaborate smoothly. Closes the gap between developers and non-technical participants.

Predefined behaviour steps

Supports writing custom cucumber definitions using 250+ predefined steps as Java functions.

All is speed

Helps easily write variety of scenarios and test them rapidly. Ensures up-to-date stability in agile environment. Spots bugs as soon as they appear which avoids trouble and saves time.

Multi-Platform support in same scenario

Gives flexibility to interact and drive all different platforms, from Mobile Native app to Windows legacy desktop application in the same test scenario

Use your known code repos

Natively store your BDD scenarios on Git or TFS, just like your source code.

Editor options

Allows you to write your BDD scenarios with intellisense and auto-complete features of IntelliJ or Eclipse, moreover provides a light weigh web editor which does not require any installation


Multi-Platform support

Easily automate all applications in all platforms WEB, REST, SOAP, Mobile Native, MS Windows Native, SQL, NoSQL.

Execute in the same manner

Same run and results/reports, whether at client or at continues test pipelines.

Well integrated in CI/CD

Jenkins, Bamboo or Concourse, doesn’t matter which CI tool you prefer, gets integrated with all of them, allows to run thousands of test in parallel with rerun option for the failed ones.

Detailed Drill Down Reports

Human readable error reporting (expected/actual) in html, Json and xml with screen image capturing or video recording as the proof of test results.

250+ Built in BDD Steps

No need to code anything, it comes with 250+ built in BDD sentences, could be used in Turkish or in English.

Separated Configuration

Cucumber scenario and element configuration is separated. Xpath, css support to find elements which does not have unique id.

Multi Phone support

Ability to control multiple devices/phones in the same scenario. Most desired feature for messaging apps test automation.

Free to choose your language

Requires no development skills as plain English and Turkish are just adequate to start automation.

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Turk Telekom
Ziraat Bankasi
Ziraat Katılım

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